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Tanya L.

I sought Chantal Martin's help for nutritional enlightenment. I wanted to revamp my diet to prevent specific chronic illnesses yet had no idea how to go about it. Chantal listened to my intentions, my goal, and inquired about my current eating habits. Then she exposed me to certain professionals who possessed the information I was seeking. She recommended simple yet impactful changes in my daily nutrition and taught me some fundamentals of food combinations. She introduced me to alternative food items that added variety and novelty to my diet. She accompanied me through an incredible journey, consistently ensuring that we did what was best for me and my body. It was very insightful, and exploratory at times, yet Chantal never judged nor imposed ideas or practices on me. She would suggest, propose, and inform then let me try it out and see how it went for me. She helped me appreciate my organs' functions and develop a new respect for their purpose and role. Her understanding that each body is different and must be treated as such, is absolutely unmatched. She accommodates and adapts to her clients needs and goals. My dietary habits have changed dramatically yet the switch was progressive. None of it felt overwhelming or daunting. It was rather exciting, interesting, and extremely restorative. Together, Chantal and I discovered what worked for my digestive and cognitive systems. Once we mastered the food aspect of my life, we organically moved onto other parts of life such as: self-worth, self-love, motivation and inspiration, being true to oneself, happiness, exercise, and holistic well-being (spiritual, mental, and physical).

With respect to goal accomplishment, her distinction and approach to motivation and inspiration are life changing. To this day, her definitions of the words guide my actions. I even share them with my entourage to help them see how simple it can all be. 

Her love of physical activity and movement ignited a love of walking outdoors for me. She assisted me in making movement a part of my daily/weekly routine, and today these are non-negotiable activities. In other words, I do not sacrifice my workouts/walks/etc in order to do something else. They must compliment the physical activities or accommodate them, otherwise I am not participating. Chantal introduced me to the art of yoga, calm, serenity. She sent me tools and programs to structure and support me in my nutritional and physical undertakings. 

To summarize, I went to Chantal Martin looking for a guide and found a teacher, a mentor, and ultimately a friend. If you seek positivity in your life and wish to surround yourself with beautiful souls, Chantal Martin is your gateway. Her decades of training, studying, and practicing are at your disposal and will make long-lasting changes in your life. 

May your experience with her be as rewarding for you as it was and continue to be for me.


Sonia M.

Losing weight and getting healthy has always been a lifelong struggle. There were too many times where I followed a fad diet where the weight would come quickly off and quickly it would come back. Often, I looked for the easy solution, that didn’t require the hard work or the understanding of how I got there. It took getting sick and the onslaught of medication to have me wonder what I was doing with my life. I dropped 50 pounds during training of my first black belt, but I actually got sicker and required higher doses to control my diabetes, cholesterol, etc…I met Chantal when I started training for my second black belt and I knew that this time around I needed help. Real honest help. Not just for dropping weight, but to lead a healthier lifestyle. I will freely admit that this has been the hardest 18 months of my life. There was nothing easy about this journey and it’s still ongoing. With her help, I was able to drop an additional 50 pounds. This time, though, my health has improved drastically. I am down to half my meds and my physical abilities are the best that they’ve ever been. Not only that, but my mindset is in a better place which is the most important part because without this, I would just regress to where I was before or worse…and life is too short for that. Working with Chantal has finally made my goals attainable…and sustainable! No more fad diets for me, instead she's taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle that includes nutrition and fitness. There's even career advice that has me on the up and up! With a sprinkle of good humour and a dose of tough love, Chantal is the ingredient you need for your recipe to success! So make the difficult choice and decide to work hard, for the long term.

Man with Blue Polo Shirt

Rick B.

Chantal maîtrise le yoga de façon remarquable.  C’est une enseignante exceptionnelle, non seulement compétente, mais également très à l’écoute des diverses limites de ses élèves.  Elle est dynamique et diversifiée, ce qui donne un apprentissage d’une grande richesse pour celui qui bénéficie de son enseignement.

Une façon remarquable de se reconnecter avec soi-même, pour améliorer sa qualité de vie! 

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