My intuitive eating now, high raw living foods...

Leaves some people perplexed and confused lol!

I'm a firm believer that it's really none of anyone's business what we eat. Our body, our choice. But in today's reality, what we eat seems to really intrigue lots of people. Especially when you've released the extra weight. Lots of people wanna know how you did it. I get it!

One thing I have noticed over the years, as a Health Coach and Personal Trainer, is that most people are not ready and willing to do the work necessary in order to reach their goals. Most people are looking for the quick fix, the easy lane to success, health and vitality. I get it, trust me; been there, done that, got all the diplomas from that mindset!

But you see, it's not until I understood that true and definite transformation first begins with an IRREVOCABLE decision! Not a "I'll do what it takes when I feel like it and convenient", but a firm decision to create a new reality, a new YOU. You gotta be so sick and tired of being sick and tired, that this anger and frustration is being used as fuel to propel you forward on your journey. You will do whatever it takes to get there, even though you KNOW you'll trip and fall multiple times on your way there. Thankfully, through the power of your imagination and willingness to live a better life, you see your new self clearly and there are no doubts in your mind that you're already there!

That being said, then, and only then, will you do what is necessary to do to reach your goals. You will go through multiple phases during your transformation and that's perfectly normal. When I look back at about 3 years ago, when I was 35 pounds heavier, there's no way I could have imagined living the way I live today. Now my diet ( I hate that word "die"-t... let me change that...), I mean, my vitality comes from eating mostly raw living foods. I eat intuitively by trusting and listening to my body, without judgment or criticism. I eat an abundance of fruits, smoothies, veggies, big salads, nuts and seeds, a bit of meat and fish when my body calls for it, some cooked foods, mostly whole foods ( not much processed food such as a bread, pasta, grains, etc), fresh cold press juices homemade, etc.

Just be patient with yourself, focus on doing your best one day at at time. Because in reality, days turn into weeks, which turn into months, which turn into years. So trust yourself, do what feels right to you, focus on the positive and what what makes you feel great. If you feel great, then keep doing that! The answers reside within, you've got this:)

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