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"Hungry People" interviewed me...

And it was such a blast!

AJ and I met through Dan "The life regenerator" Elite's video club on Patreon, and what a blessing that's been in my life! Every single conversation that we have leaves me feeling more empowered and uplifted. Now that's the kind of energy I wanna have around me! How about you?

Even though we've never met in person, I sincerely consider him a great friend and confidant.

In this interview, we talk about REAL things, we go deep, vulnerable, laugh and are 100% present. It was my intention to be totally real and honest in this interview, and that's precisely how it went down:)

I really hope you will benefit in some great way from our open heart conversation. And make sure you go check out his other amazing podcasts on his YouTube channel. I will leave AJ's info down below the video. Don't hesitate to reach out to him...He's super knowledgeable on health, wellness and fitness! You'd be blessed to have him as a Coach.

Here it is:) Enjoy!

📸 AJ:


🌱 Buzzsprout: https://hungrypeoplepodcast.buzzsprou/

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