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How to embrace the hard times

And then let it go...

This morning I felt inspired to share with you my journey of ups and downs of loss and grief. Sometimes life throws us curve balls that we don't even know how heck we're gonna get through.

When I lost my dad last October, I honestly didn't think the pain would ever subside. Sometimes I would spend entire days just crying, other days I felt numb. But one thing was new... I didn't run away from those feelings.

For once in my life, I stayed present with the sadness, the fear, the tears, etc. I allowed it to fill my body up completely, submerge in it fully like water fills every crack of every empty space. I was one with the moment but I wasn't clinging to what was.

Day by day, sometimes hour by hour, I went through it. I'm so proud of the courage I had/have to face these hard moments without running away from them and pretend they don't exist. Because as they say "What you resist, persists". Or as Les Brown says, " Until you face it with Grace, it will keep showing up in your face!"

Embracing hard times has a domino effect on the rest of your life! I have learned that by accepting that life is full of ups and downs, I am able to get through the hard times with much more courage and grace. Furthermore, facing daily trivial and getting things done that are uncomfortable builds up those muscles of strength and perseverance.

Fuelling your body with healthy food, taking the time to exercise and move your body daily, getting a restful night sleep, building strong friendship and family bonds, quieting down your mind and having purpose in your life is not easy. It takes discipline and will to overcome the laziness of the mind and to push against our natural tendency to stay in our comfort zone. But let me tell you... it's well worth the price!

I hope my video can help you and remind you that you've got this! Whatever it is that you're going through, it's alright...One day at a day, you can do this, otherwise God would not have put it on your path.

Keep your vision and purpose at the front gate of your mind.



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