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How to do a yoga pushup- "Chaturanga Dandasana"

When I took my first Ashtanga yoga class, I remember dropping to the ground when it came time to do my first yoga pushup! I was looking around the room at the other students and they all made it look so easy, so my mind figured "no problemo". Oh boy, was I ever wrong lol!

As it turns out, this is NOT an easy move! It's important to put our ego to the side and take the time to modify when necessary and be patient.

There plenty of variations which will ensure to keep your shoulders, back and neck safe while you enjoy every drop of that yoga practice.

In this video, I show a few variations and also give tips on how to execute the full version properly. Please don't rush this transitional asana. Give your body all the time it needs in order to build the strength and mobility necessary.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments:)



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