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Don't kill the messenger

Yesterday I caught myself being triggered by someone's behaviour and started getting upset and frustrated with this person. My mind started building a solid case as to why this person's behaviour was wrong and mine was right.

This buildup lasted for a big part of the afternoon and evening. That was until it hit me that I was not paying attention to what was really going on. Don't worry lol, I'll share with you soon what triggered me, hang on:) But first...

The good news is that I actually realized that I was able to awaken from the blaming mode quite quickly compared to before. In the past, I would have probably remained there for days, weeks or months even, not realizing what precious gift was inside the "box", aka "situation".

It's so easy to blame and point fingers isn't it? But I now see the blessings of the people that trigger me because I honour the precious awakening messages that reside within the triggers.

I truly believe that nothing happens TO us, but rather, that things happen FOR us. This is wayyyy more empowering than believing that our own emotional state is in the hands of someone else. I don't know about you, but I choose to take my power back and face myself.

The lesson I've learned from yesterday is that I need to honour and respect my time. This is MY job. Instead of being frustrated because the other person is not responding to my questions/messages and that their responses were totally incoherent, it's time that I be the one who respects my time.

In reality, why was I frustrated? Why was I waiting on this person's response in order to plan my day? It's not like I didn't try several times to get an answer to my question. I'm so grateful that I was able to awaken in this situation. What a beautiful gift this messenger brought me:) Thank you Universe!

What about you? How many times do you wait on someone else to plan your day/life? Perhaps the gift of frustration is there to show us that the time has come for us to take our power back over our life.

After all, emotions are just that... e-motions...Energy in Motions. Emotions are our guidance system and wonderful messengers whom shed light on what's really going on within.

Next time the messenger comes by your soul, don't kill it please:) Embrace its message instead.

Have a blessed day,


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