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Don't give up! How I lost 40 pounds and stayed motivated...

Mannnnnn, do I ever know what it's like to feel like you'll never get there! In this video, I go into depth about my weight loss journey and share with you the tools I used to drop the weight.

My intention with this video is to help you rise higher than your old/current self that no longer serves you or resonates with you.

If you're feeling low, discouraged or simply need a little love pep talk to keep going, this is the video for you.

My weight loss journey was not easy. Heck, I'm still on the journey of removing the bricks, one at a time, in order to leave some old walls that no longer serve me, behind me once and for all.

The truth is, this is sooooooo much more than what kind of workouts we do and what we eat. Our relationship with food is a great indicator of who we are at our core.

The way we treat ourselves when no one is looking is the truth of what's really going on deep inside. For me personally, I found/find myself using food to numb away the pain. The pain of regrets, shame, guilt, fear of the future, fear of not being enough, fear of all the "what ifs" ( what if I never find my soulmate, what if I never really "get" anywhere in life, what if I never become "successful", what if I never have kids, what if my life stays this way, what if I never get it together, what if I never have enough money to buy a home/travel/shop/retire gracefully, what if I didn't contribute or share the gifts I was supposed to share, what if this is all there is to my life, what if I die with my music still in me, etc).

You see, I sincerely believe and I know that in today's society, we don't have a "knowledge or information " problem when it comes to weight loss, but rather, we have a " how the heck do I stop, pause, look at the mess I've made, take responsibility for my life, take a step back, let go of who I'm not, figure out who I am and what I want out of MY life, set healthy boundaries, love myself, stop judging and criticizing everyone... especially myself, find out what I love to do that comes from my heart and be of service to the world" kind of problem.

I once heard "The fastest way to get somewhere, is slowly". How brilliant is that?! I love it. It's so true. As I continue to observe myself; patterns, habits, behaviours, thoughts, etc., I notice how my mind is constantly pulling its best tricks to keep me either in the guilt, fear, shame, etc of the past or the future. I understand why Dr. Joe Dispenza says it takes a lot of energy to break the habit of being ourselves. It's exhausting at times for sure lol. But worth every dark knight of the soul moment, because it propels us forward into the new "me" version of ourselves.

For me, every rock bottom and tears shed has had the power to break through the darkness and allow the light to come in. Beautiful, vulnerable moments where my soul got to reconnect with the divine through my heart. I got out of my head, and back into my heart.

From my heart to yours, may this video bring you guidance, inspiration and motivation to keep going. May it be the reminder you need to remember just how precious you are, no matter what the number says on the scale. Because YOU, yes YOU, YOU ARE ENOUGH! No but, when, or if, just as you are right now.

There's a gift in this journey that you're on. I promise you. Look for it and you will find it. It's there, it's waiting for you to pay attention to it.

Many blessings to you 💜


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