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Closing the Gap- Episode 3 "Know Thyself"

Taken from my personal journal from 9:45 pm, September 13th, 2023.

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"Know Thyself"... Look at your harvest, the crops from the seeds you've planted. They are messengers. Don't shoot the messenger.

They are simply here to show you the kinds of seeds you have planted lately; the thoughts, emotions, actions, and where you've been focusing your energy.

Don't be fooled Dear One, this is not "bad" news. Quite the contrary. These are messages of love, from Divine Intelligence.

From this observation, you can see that you have the power. YOU hold the keys to your success, failures, joys, sadness, a life of joy beyond your wildest dreams, or a life of misery.

The only problem was... you didn't know that you didn't know!

It's choice time my friend! So what is it going to be?

Will you take some time to stop and get to know yourself a little deeper?

Will you take the time (and ownership) to look at the "mess" you've created?

Will you have the wisdom to stop blaming others and the rest of the world for your unhappiness, anxieties, stress, sadness, etc.?

When you know yourself, truly know yourself, you will find an inner power you never knew could ever exist!

Fears will leave you and go find refuge in someone else.

A sense of peace will come over you. You will find gratitude in all that comes your way.

The way others treat you or talk to you negatively will no longer affect you. Why would it? After all, you are now the master of your inner world.

Everywhere you go, this inner peace and wisdom will follow you.

Because, wherever you go, there you are!

So, know yourself! And you will live a life so much grander than you could have ever imagined!

G.O.D.: Giver Of Destiny

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