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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I can't ignore "the voice" anymore lol. I've had this voice telling me for the past 2 weeks "Start a blog! Call it "Closing the gap" and share with the world everything you're going through". *

My response has been: "Nobody will care about what I'm going through and what I have to share. Plus, it's got nothing to do with what I'm currently doing with my life. I'm a yoga teacher, and a pro at taking care of injuries, I love working out and training people, etc. There are enough personal development experts in the world right now, why would anyone listen to me anyways?"

The voice: "Write a blog. And do a video version of it because not everyone has the patience to read these days. Do both. You have a lot to share and this will help many. Come on now. I'm not going away this time, I'll keep bugging you until you finally start typing".

Well, no need to tell you who won in this debate lol! Here I am ladies and gentlemen:)

Where the heck did I come up with this title of "CLOSING THE GAP"? Dr. Joe Dispenza. Yup. The legend himself has inspired this little blog right here.

In his book " Breaking the habit of being yourself. How to lose your mind and create a new one", there's a part of the book where he talks about how (my way of looking at it, of course) our job is to close the gap between the fake version of us we show to the world, versus the person we truly are at the core when the doors are closed, and the person we wish to become.

Talk about a major "Aha" moment! I was like; Holy shizzle!!!! I guess I better get to work now cause this girl's gotta a big freaking gap to close lol! No, but seriously, it's big!

That chapter caused me to breakdown and cry for about 6 days straight. It got me to write and send out some very much-so-need emails to some close friends and my mom. In which I apologized for how much of a shitty and selfish friend and daughter I've been at times (unconsciously). It also pushed me to be totally honest and open about certain parts of my life. "The truth will set you free" is very true indeed. There's such a weight that falls off your shoulders when you just come out and say the truth, as embarrassing, difficult, and ugly as it might be at times. It's a way to get our power back.

Through all of the tears that come with such profound awakenings, also comes massive letting go. I could feel in my body, right at the solar plexus and in my throat, decades of pain and sadness coming up to the surface. My heart was beating really fast, tears were flowing down my face, my heart felt so open and vulnerable. I felt like a little girl, so fragile, and yet, so beautiful at the same time.

It dawned on me that in order to have the life I dream of, I need to BECOME the person that I dream of.

We're so busy judging, complaining, gossiping, pointing fingers and correcting others, that we forgot to look at the most important person, ourselves!

I have a choice: to become what and which I wish to attract into my life or to remain a victim of my environment. I choose to get to work on myself.

Now I really understand what Jim Rohn said when he said: "SUCCESS is not something you chase or run after. SUCCESS is something you ATTRACT, by the person you BECOME". Wooowww! I mean, how powerful is that?

So yeah, I'm down for that! I choose to become aware of myself, to create my dream life, to become the best version of me, to break the habits of being myself, to create a new mind, to create a new life, to discover all of the wonders and magic the world has yet to unveil to me.

I choose to take my power back. It's always been there, I just forgot it was.

Thank you for reading me.

From my heart to yours, have a blessed day 🫶

Chantal 2.0

* To watch the video attached to this blog and support my work, head out to my Patreon page here for a 7 days free trial:

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