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2 simple moves to help you release “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” pain

*Take note that I am NOT a medical doctor*

I see more and more of my clients suffer with either numbness in their forearms and/or fingers and pain in their upper back/shoulder blade area. There are multiple reasons as to why this could occur. For instance; bad posture, too much computer time, lack of flexibility or mobility, lack of exercise/strength, etc.

Over the years, I have found two main components that are important to release in order to reduce/eliminate the pain of "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome";

1- armpit area (because that's where many muscles attach themselves and tend to hold a lot of tension)

2- Forearm area ( the tighter the shoulder and palm of the hand, the more tension tends to build up in the forearms)

In this video, I show you 2 simple exercises/ways to do so. Make sure you use a cork or wood yoga block and not a foam one because it's very unstable. The ball I use is a Lacrosse ball, but if you feel that's too intense, then feel free to use a tennis ball at first.

If you are in the Montreal area, then I invite you to check out my favourite yoga store (he also has lots of books, yoga props, etc) :

I sincerely hope this will help you:) Let me know how it has helped you!



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